Hispanics By The Numbers – In Case You Wanted To Know

Hispanics by the numbers


Source: National Institute For Latino Politics and NBC News

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Motives For Herbalife Criticism By Hispanics Questioned

 herbalife side by side

 Recently, Mary Sanders, executive director of the Spanish Speaking Center of New Britain, warned the Latino community about what the center called the “predatory and deceptive business practice” of the marketing company, Herbalife. Sanders wanted Latinos to know that the center has resources to share with anyone harmed by Herbalife.
Jackie Dobrich, a Herbalife member from Berlin and a Latina, called Sanders’ words “not only untrue and misleading, but also very harmful to a community she is supposed to help and protect.”
Dobrich added that “the most honest and accurate thing Ms. Sanders stated was admitting that her organization was receiving money from billionaire Wall Street hedge fund manager, Bill …

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