Texas Latina Is Demonstrating How To Take Care Of The Refugee Children


Mamie Salazar-Harper

For the past month, the El Paso, Texas businesswoman, Mamie Salazar-Harperhas has poured her time, energy and money into a venture that could prove incredibly meaningful: building a home for undocumented migrant children.

According to El Paso Inc., the home is Salazar-Harper’s response to what President Barack Obama calls an “urgent humanitarian situation” at the U.S.-Mexico border. Since October 2013, over 57,000 unaccompanied minors from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have been detained crossing into Texas and Arizona.

The house is described as “a squat, white building” located off Montana Avenue in East El Paso and was formerly an abandoned correctional facility.  But …

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First Lady Talks Education To LULAC Audience


lulac 1

First Lady Michelle Obama, featured speaker at the League of United Latin American Citizens convention, which concluded here this past week, didn’t venture into the national debate about the 50,000-plus Central American children clogging the U.S.-Mexico border. She left that contentious politicized subject up to husband Barack.

Instead, addressing 1,200 LULAC members at a unity luncheon here, she chose to talk about education and Latino youth. After commending LULAC for its consistent civil rights advocacy on Latino and black education issues, she shifted, “While all of you are proud of what you did, you are by no means satisfied.”

A U.S. Department of Education study released in April showed …

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