Young Latino and The ESPN Dream

Danny Martineex - espn 1
By Alexandra Lucia
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In the spirit of the recent World Cup games, caught up with Connecticut local Deportes Associate Producer Daniel Martinez about his success of the recently launched segment Fuera de Juego (Offsides) and achieving his dream job: working with ESPN. Martinez says, “As an Associate Producer, it’s my responsibility to cut daily teases for the show.”

Deportes, which is the premier Spanish language sports network was launched in 2004.  It is a 24-hour channel that streams up to date sports news to its Spanish speaking audience.

Since the June start of this year’s World Cup competition, the ESPN Deportes channel has run …

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The GOP Push For The Latino Vote Nationally Picks Up Steam


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Ronald Reagan once said that Latinos were Republicans. They just didn’t know it yet.

Never before has the GOP hoped those words were truer than in the upcoming fall elections leading into the 2016 American electoral marathon better known as the presidential campaign.

It is not new that many, including some conservative Republicans, believe that Latinos hold the fate of upcoming political elections in their hands.

What is new, though, is just how diligent and undeterred the GOP has been in quietly wooing the traditionally loyal Hispanics, trying to help them discover that, as the party patron saint Ronald Reagan said, they are Republicans and just …

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