Opinion: Philanthropy Must Step Up Action To Help Children Crossing Border

 border chidlren.
Diana Campoamor
Hispanics in Philanthropy


Young people often show up at the Central American Resource Center in Los Angeles because they and their parents face horrific choices.

For instance, a 14-year-old client appeared after his father was murdered by gangs in Honduras. His mother was so traumatized from witnessing the murder that she is confined to a psychiatric hospital. Then the thugs tried to force the youngster to join their criminal enterprise and beat him up.

“It’s either stay and die, or risk and come,” said Martha Arévalo, executive director of the center, which helped the young boy with legal services after he entered the U.S. without immigration documents.

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Latino And Conservation: Protecting The Environment

hispanics hiking

Photo: http://www.hechoonline.com

The inaugural Latino Conservation Action Week kicks off as Latinos demonstrate their passion for protecting our environment and getting outdoors. During the week, the Latino community, particularly in the Southwest, will go on hiking or camping outings, participate in community events or hold presentations designed to show their support for permanently protecting our land, water and air.

“This week is about sharing the Latino community’s perspective on the environment like the need to protect our public lands and natural surroundings for future generations,” said Maite Arce, president of Hispanic Access Foundation, which created the Action Week as part of its growing environmental program. “Hispanics are passionate about the …

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